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Hi. My name is John Rocco Jennette. I like making art - with my hands, my computer, and my voice. I've been able to juggle all three, and I'd like to keep doing so, if that's all right with you.


Back in 2010, I drew my way through the animation department of the Maryland Institute College of Art. I have the beret to prove it, and I even managed to snag some extra Latin so I guess that's all right then. They didn't even mind when I left to do a term in the animation program at the Arts University Bournemouth.


Now I live in New Jersey with my wife, making a living out of the three things mentioned above. My hands have drawn their way through Westeros and Agrabah and do off-duty work playing Billy Joel on my piano. My computer is kept busy with a tag team of design work and Sporcle trivia. As for my voice, I've read over 50 novels (which includes the entire works of Terry Pratchett) to various audiences over the years, so there's a fighting chance the accent you hear at any given moment is not my natural one. 


I've never been any good at personality quizzes.

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