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Branding is the key to any good marketing. I have designed myriad items for Lapp Group marketing, from brochures and giveaways to office decoration and trade show booths. This is just a selection of the material I have produced over the years. Corporate brand identity is strong across all material, and I have adapted as design concepts change and refresh.



The Lapp USA office is 300 ft long. That's a lot of wall space, and it all needed sprucing up. Once this office was designed, I was tasked with designing the front reception area as well as the main sales presentation room. Images ranged from products and applications to locations and corporate value propositions. This art was also installed in another warehouse.

Lapp Group Football & Volleyball Tournament

Every year, the Lapp Group holds an international soccer and volleyball tournament for company teams to compete and network. 2014 saw the festivities in Atlanta, Georgia, and I had the honor (and the challenge) to design the entire event. There were many parts to develop: programs, schedules, logos, medals, merchandise, and more. I developed a theme and gave the Lapp Group something to remember!

Online Catalog

After redesigning Lapp's extensive catalog, I had to do the same for their website. These basic product information pages are rebuilt from the ground up to match the print catalog while at the same time taking advantage of the functionality of web viewing. HTML and CSS. 

*This site is no longer live.*


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